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Every year we have trials in Belfast and Derry to select our Homeless World Cup teams. For Finland 2020 World Cup we will hold trials in April 2020. Contact us for more info.


The following criteria is for the World Cup Every year. If you meet any of the following then you can try out for the team.


Players must be Homeless under one of the following criteria:

1. Living Rough

2. Living in a hostel

3. In Immigration centres (asylum seekers)

4. In shelters

5. In temporary or transient accommodation

6. In illegal settlements

7. Illegal occupation of land or building

8. Asylum seeker currently without positive asylum status or who were previously asylum seekers but obtained residency status since June 2019.

9. Street Paper Vendor

10. Drug or Alcohol rehab and Homeless in past 2 years (since 01.09.2013)

Homeless World Cup

Every year, the Homeless World Cup Foundation delivers an inspirational week-long street football tournament that brings together more than 500 players representing 50+ countries around the world, all of which have faced homelessness and social marginalisation. Competing in a purpose-built stadium in the heart of the host city, the players represent their country and unite in celebration. The annual tournament frequently attracts crowds of more than 80,000 with millions more watching online around the world.

Street Soccer Leaflet 2019.jpg
Success at the Homeless World Cup 2016

Team NI made history by finishing 13th  in the Homless World Cup in Glasgow. This is our highest position yet in the competition that has around 48 men's teams taking part. We played some amazing football throughout and were so close to making it into the top 8. You can watch some of our games on youtube.  




Amsterdam World Cup 2015

Chile World Cup 2014

The 2014 Homeless World Cup has come to an end, but what an incredible 7 seven days of competition.

54 teams travelled to the other side of the world, and for many they will return with memories that will last a lifetime.


Next up is Amsterdam in September 2015.

Winners of Accion Total Cup in Chile World Cup 2014. They finished 25th overall in the competition beating Denmark 10-6 in the final of the cup.

Poland World Cup 2013

Team Northern Ireland entered their first ever World Cup in Poznan Poland. They finished 30th overall in the competition recording a 7-1 win over Germany. The guys did their country proud and made an impression on all the other countries with their warmth and friendliness.  

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